Kiosks & Equipment


The 42-inch Sicilian is designed for stores that need to prepare all food, including pizza, in a back room and/or have unusually limited merchandising space. It provides a basic grab-n-go capability for consumers while still marketing your whole pizza program.

Model Options:    

  • 27-inch refrigerated prep table for all your toppings
  • Up to two Lincoln Impinger® pizza ovens to handle peak throughput
  • Hot Merchandiser options designed for your consumers’ shopping habits
    • 1 Slide Warmer (2 or 3 shelves)
    • 1 Slide Warmer and 1 Cabinet Warmer
    • 2 Cabinet Warmers
  • Refrigerated and frozen storage capacity based on your store’s needs
  • Optional whole pizza holding cabinet for call-in orders

Special Features of The Sicilian:

  • Menu Board, featuring large attractive food photography and simple 1-2-3 instructions to drive consumer participation
  • “Order Here” Sign, educating consumers how to order whole pizzas plus our Grab-n-Go Hunks and Wings
  • Cabinet pattern designed to match different store interiors
  • Easy-to-use employee training tools:
    • Toppings charts
    • Wings preparation instructions
    • Sanitation tips
  • Caddy for gloves, portion cups and Just Rite Spice™, for a more organized and ergonomically designed workspace
  • Bright LED lighting