In It Together

We’ll help your Pizza Shoppe succeed.


You’ve got the c-store experts in your corner.  

Our mission is to be a blessing to each and every one of our partners. That’s why when you invest in a Hunt Brothers® Pizza Shoppe with TBHC Delivers, we invest in you right back. Just ask our CEO.

As the largest distributor of the number one c-store pizza brand in the U.S., TBHC Delivers knows what works — and what doesn’t — when it comes to operating a successful food service program within a c-store environment.

We’ll keep partnership simple.

When you sign on to partner with TBHC Delivers and Hunt Brothers Pizza, we invest together with you in the growth of your c-store business. You’ll never pay a franchise fee. All of the equipment and supplies are yours — and so are the profits.

We’ll help find the Pizza Shoppe kiosk that’s right for you.

With options designed to fit all sizes and types of stores, our TBHC Delivers experts will recommend the Hunt Brothers Pizza Shoppe and equipment that will yield the biggest pizza bang for your buck. See our Kiosk Options

We’ll transform your existing employees into Pizza Shoppe staff.

From equipment cleaning to making pizzas, our efficient, comprehensive training process makes food prep and cleanup fast and easy for everyone, within your current staffing structure.

When you invest in TBHC Delivers, we invest in you right back. Because at the end of the day, we succeed when you do.


We’ll get you up and running, ASAP.

We’ll plan your Pizza Shoppe layout, install your top-of-the-line equipment, train your staff and plan the grand opening of your Pizza Shoppe. 

We’ll be your marketing department.

From outdoor signage and indoor materials to limited time offers and promotions, your TBHC Delivers Account Manager brings you all the marketing materials and support you need to grow your Hunt Brothers Pizza business, free of charge. We’ll even help with custom marketing plans and strategic ideas for your store.

We’ll become a part of your team.

Your TBHC Delivers Account Manager will visit your store each week to check your inventory, restock product, train new staff, update marketing materials and even meet with you about ways to take your Hunt Brothers Pizza business to the next level. See our 15-Point Service Promise