Rolling Warehouse Guarantee

It's either in stock or it's free.


We guarantee it's on the truck...or it's FREE.

As the industry’s service leader, TBHC Delivers is committed to the success of your Pizza Shoppe operations. That includes keeping you stocked up on all the necessary Hunt Brothers® Pizza products and items, from order pads to WingBites® and everything in between. We are excited to introduce the Rolling Warehouse Guarantee: If you request an item that’s not on our delivery truck, you’ll receive it free on our next visit.* Just like our 15-Point Service Promise, it’s another way we strive to be a blessing to customers like you.

Products and smallware items covered:

• Breakfast Pizza                         • HBP Aprons

• Original Crust Pizza                  • Rocker Knife

• Thin Crust Pizza                        • Pizza Prep Tray

• Home Style WingBites              • Can Opener

• Buffalo WingBites                      • Digital Thermometer

• Marinara Sauce                         • High Temperature Mitts

• Double Cheese                         • Prep Table Containers (1/6 x 6 size) & (1/9 x 4 size)

• Italian Sausage                          • Prep Table Container Lids (1/6 size) & (1/9 size)

• No Char Pepperoni                   • Prep Table Colander Insert (1/6 size)

• Seasoned Beef                         • Order Ticket Systems

• Hickory Smoked Bacon            • ¼ Sheet Pan

• Just Rite Spice™                         • ¼ Sheet Pan Liner Paper

• Imported Mushrooms                • Warmer Bags

• Imported Olives                         • Tongs

• Banana Peppers                        • Insta Cut

• Jalapeño Peppers                     • Spray Bottle

• Crushed Red Pepper                • 4qt Round Container with Lid

• Hunk Boxes                               • Cheese Storage Box

• Wing Boxes                               • Topping Kit with Containers

• Cheesebread Boxes                 • Cold Temperature Labels

• Pizza Boxes                               • 12” Pizza Screens

• Food Handling Gloves              • Paper Sign Poster Frame

• Order Pads                                • Paper Sign Plastic Sleeve

• HBP Measuring Cup                 • Teflon Coated Warmer Bulbs (for Silver Slide Warmer)

• Pizza Cutter                              • Fluorescent Bulbs (for Black Slide Warmer)

• Pizza Spatula                            • Track Lighting Bulbs (for Pizza Shoppe)

• Pizza Cutting Guide


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