Terms & Conditions

Rolling Warehouse Guarantee

*TBHC Delivers strives for customer satisfaction. To ensure our customers have what they need, TBHC Delivers guarantees that all product and certain smallware items will be available upon request from a TBHC Delivers Representative during regularly scheduled service visits to select customers. All regularly offered products by TBHC Delivers are included in this promise, with the exception of (a) products offered for only a limited time and (b) products experiencing supplier shortages (which will be communicated by TBHC Delivers), as long as TBHC Delivers has the freedom to stock your needs to our recommended levels. Excessive requests for product that fall outside the TBHC Delivers recommended levels are not included with this promise. Any product that is not available during a regularly scheduled service stop will be delivered to the customer as soon as possible based on company operations and will be provided to the customer at no cost. Not all smallwares are included in this promise; a list of included TBHC Delivers smallwares is available upon request. Each customer is limited, for each request, to a quantity of two (2) smallware products from the approved list of smallwares included in this promise for each regularly scheduled visit. Each customer is permitted one request per seven-day period, corresponding with their regularly scheduled visit from a TBHC Delivers Representative. If the TBHC Delivers Representative does not have the requested smallware item(s), the requested items will be provided to the customer free of charge on the next regularly scheduled visit. This promise is effective on September 21, 2015 and can be terminated at any time based on the sole discretion of TBHC Delivers. TBHC Delivers also reserves the right to limit this initiative by geographic market or store size. TBHC Delivers reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under this guarantee. Offer is valid only at participating locations. TBHC Delivers makes no express or implied warranties with respect to quality, performance, or conformity to any representation, including warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to any product or smallware.