Hope Clinic for Women

Hope Clinic for Women was established in 1983 and equips women, men and families to make healthy choices with unplanned pregnancies, prevention, pregnancy loss and postpartum depression. They are a faith-based safe and confidential place for anyone seeking medical care, professional counseling, education, mentorship, and practical support regardless of age, race, or religion. Local businesses, individuals, foundations and churches support 96% of their $900,000 operating budget.

TBHC Delivers’ helped sponsor two of Hope Clinic for Women’s biggest events: Hope for the Future and Cider Carols. Through this partnership, nearly $150,000 was raised that went directly to funding the following client services for three months:

  • Pregnancy: Provided initial visits, pre-natal care, professional counseling, education classes and mentorship. In 3 months, Hope Clinic for Women served approximately 150 pregnant women.
  • Prevention: Provided healthcare to approximately 150 women and abstinence education to approximately 1,000 students.
  • Counseling: Provided subsidized counseling for pregnancy loss, postpartum depression and related issues to approximately 45 women.