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TBHC Delivers® helps convenience store owners grow their businesses by distributing Hunt Brothers® Pizza, a high-quality, turn-key branded foodservice program.

Britt with Father Convention

Founder and CEO, Britt Hunt, built TBHC Delivers from his family’s learnings in the food service industry. While delivering Hunt Brothers® Pizza to convenience stores in the 1990s, Britt realized that each convenience store visit was about more than filling pizza orders. Every delivery created a new opportunity to provide a valuable service stretching beyond the products on the truck; every weekly contact held a new chance to help customers succeed in their own business ventures. Using the guiding principles of Hunt Brothers® Pizza, Britt’s distribution company, TBHC Delivers was born.

Britt with Father Convention
14 States Served, 3,000 convenience stores
TBHC Service Areas
TBHC The largest Distributer of Hunt Brothers Pizza

What began as a delivery route has grown into a full-service direct distribution organization providing comprehensive sales training, superior service and outstanding food service. TBHC Delivers remains the largest single distributor of Hunt Brothers® Pizza, the largest independent brand of hot, fresh-baked pizza in the convenience store market with over 9,500 locations in 32 states.

We Know Pizza

Hunt Brothers® Pizza has over 30 years of experience in the convenience store industry, and in that time we have learned what works for our store partners and what does not. We continue to put all of those lessons to work, bringing you a nationally branded program designed specifically for convenience stores and businesses like yours.  Our goal is to provide you with a new profit source within your store and help your sales grow with free marketing and advice from our trusted pizza professionals.  Every day we strive to be a blessing to our network of over 9,500 stores across 32 states by helping them profit from Hunt Brothers® Pizza.

Culture and Values

TBHC Delivers was founded on the idea that it would always be a God-centered company, led by a carefully selected team of passionate professionals who strive to make the organization a blessing to customers, every single day.

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