Kiosks & Equipment


If one of our preferred new Pizza Shoppe designs does not fit your store, don’t worry. We’ve designed a flexible component system that allows you to utilize your store’s existing counters and maximize your store’s sales potential. Your account manager will ensure that all individual components are installed to work effectively for you. Please note that Hunt Brothers® Pizza has minimum merchandising requirements for all of our store partners.

Model Options:    

  • Available for: 102 ̋, 80 ̋, 60 ̋, 42 ̋
  • Menu Boards
    • Wall-mounted
    • Ceiling-mounted (not pictured)
  • 1-2-3 “Order Here” System
    • Counter-top
    • Front-mounted (not pictured)
  • Front Panel with Hunt Brothers® Pizza logo

Special Features of The Presto Line:

  • Menu Board, featuring large attractive food photography and simple 1-2-3 instructions to drive consumer participation
  • “Order Here” Sign, educating consumers how to order whole pizzas plus our Wings
  • Cabinet pattern designed to match different store interiors
  • Easy-to-use employee training tools:
    • Toppings charts
    • Wings preparation instructions
    • Sanitation tips
  • Bright LED lighting (only available with the wall-mounted menu board)