Increase Your Profits with Local Store Marketing

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Marketing & Promotions, Sales

Achieving success in the foodservice industry cannot be accomplished merely by providing customers with a range of high-quality food options. It is equally important to make customers aware of these choices and encourage them to experience new and exciting possibilities. This is where Local Store Marketing (LSM) comes into play, as it can effectively promote your offerings and enhance your profits. LSM strategies ensure that your customers are always well-informed about the delectable options and promos at your Hunt Brothers® Pizza Shoppe, creating a loyal customer base that will keep coming back for more. 

According toCStore Decisions, a continuous focus on local store marketing is vital for increasing sales. Implement LSM strategies to differentiate your store from competitors. Your current staff can carry them out without significant costs, making them valuable for all convenience stores. 

Take your Hunt Brothers Pizza Shoppe to the next level using these top-notch LSM tactics. 

Strengthening Customer Relationships with the Power of Suggestive Selling

Providing exceptional customer service is a key ingredient to your Pizza Shoppe’s success. Elevate your customer service game by utilizing phone scripts. Phone scripts can guide your staff through various telephone customer interactions and can also be used to suggest additional items. This approach, called suggestive selling, can help boost your sales and enhance the customer experience.  

Just think about it – when your customers call to place an order, they’re hungry and likely in the mood for something extra. Building a solid relationship with your customers and suggesting relevant options increases the likelihood they’ll add additional items to their orders. 

Customizing recommendations to fit customers’ needs and preferences is crucial for an exceptional suggestive selling experience. Active listening is essential in achieving this, and it can increase your chances of closing a sale and providing excellent customer service. Some examples of effective suggestive selling phrases include, “Would you like to try our current deal?” Or “Today, we’re featuring our mouthwatering Hunks – would you like to add it to your order?” Use these techniques to satisfy your customers’ cravings, increase sales, and strengthen your customer base. 

Order pads are another fantastic asset to use! By following the order pad sequence, your staff can ask all the right questions and build accurate orders. You can ask customers for their preferred crust type and toppings, offer an additional pizza for $1 off, suggest adding double cheese for $2.19, and recommend delicious Hunt Brothers Pizza chicken products. These simple yet effective questions can make a huge difference in boosting your sales. 

Our Account Managers are available to assist you with improving consumer relationships, developing phone scripts, and training staff on suggestive selling techniques. We’re committed to equipping you with the necessary information to make your program profitable. Please feel free to contact your Account Manager anytime you need assistance!

Maximize Customer Loyalty with the Repeat Rewards Program – Stand Out from the Competition 

Stores face a significant challenge in retaining customers. While acquiring new customers is important, keeping existing ones is just as crucial. Luckily, the Repeat Rewards Program provides a solution to this problem. After all, who doesn’t love receiving freebies? This program is designed specifically for Hunt Brothers Pizza partners and can help increase sales by encouraging customer loyalty. 

So how does the Repeat Rewards Program work? It’s simple. Customers who make seven purchases and use a stamped or punched loyalty card can earn free products. The program offers two loyalty cards: Pizza reward cards and Pizza & Wings/WingBites® reward cards. You can even opt for a Hunt Brothers Pizza logo stamp for a small fee. We will also provide additional free in-store marketing materials to promote and encourage participation. 

The Repeat Rewards Program is a breeze to implement!Simply attach loyalty cards to your boxes, and staff can ask customers at checkout if they are reward members, prompting current members to use their rewards and non-members to join. Stores can stamp the reward card with their address to entice customers to return for more of their Hunt Brothers Pizza products and ensure redemption occurs at your store. Customers will remember where to go for their next pizza fix with the store’s information on the card. The best part? Store owners get the cards for free, so keep your customers returning and watch your sales soar. 

Learn more about the Repeat Rewards Program on the Hunt Brothers Pizza Portal. 

Streamline Your Ordering Process with Call Ahead Convenience 

Are you looking to make life more convenient for your customers? Use Call Ahead Carry Out cards! These handy “wallet size menu” cards perfectly promote your Made to Order pizza program. Encouraging call-ahead ordering will guarantee your customers never experience extended wait times, adding to a positive customer experience. 

Here are some tips to increase your call-ahead carry-out orders: 

  1. Attach cards to every Hunk box: This clever tactic will attract hungry customers. Not only will this boost sales, but it could also lead to repeat business and even larger orders down the line.


  2. Give your customers something extra at the register: Hand out cards promoting your excellent whole pizza program and watch the orders fly in! It’s a simple and effective way to spread awareness and keep customers returning for more.


  3. Keep a few cards handy in your wallet or purse: You can hand them out to new acquaintances you meet on the go. Encourage your staff to do the same.


  4. Visit local businesses and bring along a few cards: You’ll be surprised at how eager they are to cater lunch with multiple whole pizza orders.  

Improve your Pizza Shoppe’s sales and customer satisfaction with these effective local store marketing tactics and see impressive results! Develop a deep understanding of your customers, train your staff to engage with them, encourage suggestive selling, and implement a repeat rewards program. And for the ultimate convenience, streamline ordering by promoting your call-ahead cards. 

These tools can help maximize the potential of your pizza program. Contact your Account Manager (AM) for guidance on effectively implementing them. 

Learn more about Call Ahead Carry Out cards on the Hunt Brothers Pizza Portal. 

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