A Recipe for Success: Top 5 Account Management Practices

by | May 1, 2023 | Program Management

The Hunt Brothers® Pizza branded program is designed specifically for C-Stores, and having an assigned Pizza Professional or, as we call them – Account Manager (AM) is one of the benefits of partnering with Hunt Brothers Pizza and TBHC Delivers®. AMs help protect the Hunt Brothers Pizza brand, manage inventory, help grow sales, provide coaching on current promotions and limited time offers, and perform training as requested. Your AM will work with you to grow your business and offer your customers quality Hunt Brothers Pizza products. Here are the five things you can expect from your Account Manager. 

1.) Brand Protection 

Branding plays a key role in the success of your Hunt Brothers Pizza program. To be profitable, your store must stand out and offer consistent product quality. Consumers expect a specific experience when they purchase Hunt Brothers Pizza. When customers know they get a quality product every time, they become loyal customers, which leads to more sales for you. With the help of your Account Manager, Hunt Brothers Pizza will be well-represented to your customers. They ensure you have the latest marketing materials and local store marketing to promote the Hunt Brothers Pizza program. Your Account Manager will make sure you have everything you need each week to be successful.  

2.) Inventory Management 

It can be costly for your store to make small inventory mistakes with slim margins in the C-store space. Each week, your Account Manager will count your current Hunt Brothers Pizza inventory and build the week’s order based on their count. Your weekly order will be created based on your weekly sales to ensure you have the proper inventory each week. Each week your order will be checked in and reviewed with you before the inventory is rotated and stored. We will work with you on ways to reduce waste and educate your store employees on product preparation. Rotating and storing items correctly is essential to food safety and profitability in the long run.  

3.) Marketing  

Your Account Manager will assist with the following marketing activities: 

  • Local Store Marketing (LSM)- to help your business be locally relevant with your customers and community. 
  • Point-of-Purchase or “POP” marketing – to deliver messages to potential customers when they make a purchasing decision inside and outside your store. 
  • Social media marketing – to promote the program on social media platforms and websites. 

Your Account Manager will advise on these marketing techniques to increase Hunt Brothers Pizza’s brand awareness, attract more customers, and boost sales at your store. 

4.) Promotions 

Limited Time Offers (LTOs) are special menu items available for a specific period. Customers take action due to the sense of urgency and fear of missing out. Your AM will advise on Limited Time Offers (LTO) and promotions that will keep your menu fresh and attractive to customers. These periodic promotions generate interest, increasing gross profit and influencing your customers’ future buying habits – creating loyal customers.  

5.) Training  

Your Account Manager is an excellent resource if you have questions about inventory, marketing, operations, or sales materials. They are also available to do follow-up training as requested. Our AMs are dedicated to providing a positive environment while working with you to maximize the profitability of the branded pizza program. 

We measure our success by your success. Your Account Manager is your resource to help you build solid brand awareness, manage inventory, develop marketing and promotion strategies, and keep customers coming back. 

TBHC Delivers® 

TBHC Delivers is the largest distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza; we are our own business and brand. We own our trucks and follow, believe, and deliver on the Hunt Brothers Pizza vision. TBHC Delivers builds on the high-quality product of Hunt Brothers Pizza with value-add customer service like our 15-Point Promise.