Turn up the Heat! Boost Your Sales with POP Marketing

by | May 4, 2023 | Marketing & Promotions

There is a special place in the hearts of Americans for pizza. It is one of the most popular foods year-round, and now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to increase your Hunt Brothers® Pizza sales by using Point of Purchase (POP) marketing! 

What is POP Marketing 

Forbes defines POP Marketing as any marketing or sales promotion strategy that a location or company uses to encourage the purchase of their product(s). Some examples include displays, billboards, signage, and advertisements. 

POP marketing increases your target audience’s awareness of your promotions and builds brand recognition. It also draws customers into buying products they did not know they wanted and can be used in cross-selling or upselling. 

How do you Capitalize on POP Marketing 

As part of the Hunt Brothers Pizza program, store partners are not charged any advertising or marketing fees.  We install and maintain new marketing materials inside and outside of your store. POP helps sell products, increases brand visibility, and promotes higher brand awareness for the customers walking into your store.  

To maximize the visibility and profitability of the POP materials, Hunt Brothers Pizza has established POP marketing zones.   

The Four POP Zones 

Zone 1  

Signage is prominently displayed near the street or outside your store so customers know you have Hunt Brothers Pizza when they drive past. The goal is to attract customers and encourage them to return. Hunt Brothers Pizza signs can be placed outside your store so customers can easily see your products and take advantage of current offers. An outdoor display – like a lighted sign or banner – significantly impacts your store’s foot traffic. 

Zone 2  

Consumers visit gas stations near their homes, workplaces, or any activities they do regularly and tend to return to the same location consistently. POP marketing is one way to capitalize on this consumer behavior. At gas pumps, Hunt Brothers Pizza products can be advertised, so customers are encouraged to walk into the store to grab products such as Hunks or WingBites®as their car fills up with gas. A variety of gas toppers, gas hose signs, and pole signs are available for your Account Manager to install at your store. 

Zone 3  

It is imperative to consider how customers will move through your shop to place POP signage strategically. All customers will come through the front of the store. Utilize POP marketing signage in Zone 3 to advertise Hunt Brothers Pizza’s current offers. Putting POP displays at the front of the building and doorways are essential. The more customers notice Hunt Brothers Pizza, the more likely they’ll be drawn to purchase. 

Zone 4  

You have a captive audience once the customer is in the store. In this zone, you will place promotional signs where consumers actively make buying decisions, including at the register, around the counter, and Pizza Shoppe or merchandiser. You want to highlight certain products inside the store, like our Grab & Go, wing combos, breakfast, and family value pack items. According to Nielsen, the average consumer spends 13 seconds purchasing a brand in-store. Using Zone 4 POP marketing, Hunt Brothers Pizza products are made irresistible to customers, leading to “impulsive purchases.” Talk with your Account Manager to see what options best fit your store.  

Summer is just around the corner, and people will be out traveling. We encourage you to use the many eye-catching POP marketing materials we offer. They are highly visible and will help you advertise in all four zones to optimize Hunt Brothers Pizza branding and target impulse shoppers, resulting in increased traffic to your store and a boost in sales. 

TBHC Delivers® 

TBHC Delivers is the largest distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza; we are our own business and brand. We own our trucks and follow, believe, and deliver on the Hunt Brothers Pizza vision. TBHC Delivers builds on the high-quality product of Hunt Brothers Pizza with value-add customer service like our 15-Point Promise.