Maximize Your Business Profits with a Winning Menu

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Operations, Sales

Are you ready to take your Pizza Shoppe to the next level? Expanding your selection of Hunt Brothers® Pizza menu items could be the perfect solution to cater to your customers all day and boost your overall gross profit. These items perfectly complement your existing menu, providing diverse options to satisfy any craving. 

We understand that your top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction, and offering a variety of delicious items can encourage customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. We recommend adding Hunt Brothers Pizza’s Thin Crust Pizza, Breakfast Pizza, Wings, or WingBites® to your menu. These options are easy to prepare and incredibly satisfying to eat. With their delectable flavors, your customers will keep coming back for more! 

Your TBHC Delivers Account Manager (AM) is available to assist you in developing a menu that will keep your customers satisfied. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your AM to find out how they can help you expand your offerings and increase the profitability of your Pizza Shoppe. Let’s explore a few Hunt Brothers Pizza options that will add value to your menu and boost your profits. 

Enhance Your Pizza Shoppe with More Menu Options 

Provide your customers with a delectableThin Crust Pizza option with a crispy texture, perfect for those seeking a lighter alternative to their favorite meal. With multiple crust options available, you can cater to everyone’s preferences, ultimately leading to increased whole pizza sales. As a promotional offer, you can add a second whole pizza with Thin Crust for a discounted price of $1.

  • Create a ‘light’ combo with Thin Crust Veggie Pizza and a 2-liter Diet Coke.


  • Stores selling Thin Crust Pizza make an additional $8,580 in annual sales. 

Starting the day with a hearty meal is crucial, and there’s no better way to do it than with a nutritious breakfast. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd and cater to your customer’s needs, why not add Breakfast Pizza to your Pizza Shoppe menu? It’s a mouth-watering option that will delight even the pickiest eaters. Pair it with a steaming cup of coffee or a refreshing fountain drink for the ultimate breakfast experience. With its generous helping of eggs, bacon, and sausage, this pizza keeps you satisfied and energized all morning long. 

  • Offer a whole Breakfast Pizza as a second pizza for an evening call ahead/takeout order to capitalize on the breakfast-at-anytime trend.


  • Stores with Breakfast Pizza make, on average, $7,176 in sales annually. 

Offering a delectable combination of pizza and wings is a surefire way of satisfying your customers. 

Adding Wings and WingBites to your menu can certainly boost your sales, as these mouth-watering treats are easy to prepare and make for a perfect addition to any meal or snack. You can also keep them in a warmer for convenient grab-and-go sales, ensuring that your customers can enjoy the savory goodness throughout the day. 

  • Create a combo with Hunk A Pizza® and Wings/WingBites or suggest add-ons at the register.


  • On average, stores that sell both Wings and WingBites earn an additional $14,248 in retail sales annually.  

Expanding your Pizza Shoppe’s menu with Hunt Brothers Pizza items is a fantastic way to provide your customers with a diverse selection of delicious options and increase your overall gross profit. Customers can enjoy a variety of delicious options, including thin-crust pizza, breakfast pizza, wings, and WingBites, which can satisfy their cravings and encourage repeat visits.  

TBHC Delivers® 

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