Thriving in a Challenging Economy: Driving Profitability in Foodservice

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Foodservice Industry, Operations

Foodservice is crucial to any economy, particularly during difficult times. Despite economic downturns, this industry has proven to be remarkably resilient. According to CSNews, “While both in-store and motor fuel gross profits climbed last year, in-store saw a stronger increase, propelled by the power of the foodservice category.” The significance of foodservice in a challenging economy cannot be overstated.  

To remain profitable, foodservice establishments must prioritize meeting customer needs and ensure their stores are the preferred destination. By covering all dayparts and maintaining efficient operations, stores will continue to thrive and contribute to category growth. 

Let’s discover practical tips for satisfying your customers and making your business prosper, even during difficult times. 

Optimize Customer Satisfaction: Cover All Dayparts

One of the most effective ways to meet the demands of your customers is by catering to their needs during different dayparts. Understanding their patterns and behaviors, you can identify the most effective times to promote specific items, elevating customer satisfaction and driving greater success for your business. 

Utilizing Build To Chart and tracking waste will provide valuable insights into your business traffic and trends. The Build To prepares employees for the expected traffic, while waste helps determine when to increase or decrease product output. Use this information to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

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But wait, there’s more! Don’t miss out on sales 24/7 – attract customers with a variety of food options and tempting signage. Utilize all areas of your store and your digital presence to promote store offerings. The best part? As part of the Hunt Brothers® Pizza program, store partners receive these marketing assets at no extra charge. Lastly, keeping your ovens running and warmers stocked during peak hours is crucial to avoiding lost sales and unsatisfied customers.  

Maximize Profits with Streamlined Operations

Prioritizing profitability by streamlining your business operations is crucial to achieving sustainable growth. Here are some tips: 

  1. Effective Management: Efficient operations management is crucial, from maintaining brand awareness and managing inventory to implementing marketing strategies and offering promotional deals while retaining customers.

    Check in with your dedicated TBHC Delivers® Account Manager! They can help you implement cost-saving and revenue-boosting strategies.

  2. Food Safety: Keeping a clean and sanitary store, preparation area, and store increases productivity and ensures customers are happy and safe. Follow all safety protocols, sanitize equipment, and clean your work environment thoroughly.


  3. Inventory Tracking: Keeping track of your inventory is crucial to resource allocation and maximizing ROI. By monitoring sales trends, you can predict customer demand and avoid the costly mistake of overstocking or understocking. Rest easy knowing your Account Manager conducts weekly inventory checks and places orders based on sales to ensure your inventory is always up to par.


  4. Marketing Strategies: Marketing is the key to attracting new customers and keeping existing customers engaged. Utilize various marketing strategies, such as Local Store Marketing, Point-of-Purchase, and social media marketing.

    Your Account Manager can recommend a customized strategy built specifically for your store.

  5. Maximize Profit Per Square Foot: Focusing on efficiency is essential when maximizing your profit per square foot. Carefully select your store’s products by analyzing your sales data and customer preferences. Determine which products are the most popular and profitable, and ensure you always have those items in stock. Optimize your store layout and product placement to maximize visibility and encourage impulse purchases.

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Foodservice is crucial in any economy, especially during difficult times. By focusing on customer satisfaction and optimizing operations, your business can prosper and make a meaningful contribution to your bottom line. With support from our dedicated Account Managers and access to valuable resources, your Hunt Brothers Pizza Shoppe can successfully meet customer demands and navigate any challenging economic climate. 

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