Take Advantage of Dayparts to Maximize Your Profits

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Operations, Sales

As summer ends, this time of year marks a return to regular schedules and routines, making it an excellent opportunity for your store to showcase Hunt Brothers Pizza as a dependable and convenient option for busy families. By reminding your customers that your products can seamlessly fit into their daily routines, you can make their lives less stressful during this transition. Understanding the different parts of the day, optimizing each hour and day of the week is crucial to maximizing your returns. Offering the right products at the right time can provide valuable customer satisfaction and increase your store’s profitability. Here are some effective ways to boost your Pizza Shoppe’s earnings across all dayparts. 

Breakfast: Kickstart the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Providing a unique option is crucial to set yourself apart from competitors and satisfy your customers during this time. Consider serving the Hunk-A-Breakfast Pizza, a mouthwatering combination of breakfast favorites such as eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese, on a delectable buttery pizza crust, and if you’re looking for even more variety, why not add some pepperoni to the mix? This delicious and unique dish is bound to be a crowd-pleaser, especially during the school year when parents require fast meal options. 

Increase morning sales by promoting the Repeat Rewards program to your customers and attracting new customers through free marketing materials placed strategically throughout your store. This opportunity can be very beneficial for your Pizza Shoppe. And the best part? As a TBHC Delivers® partner, you won’t have to worry about marketing fees! Your Account Manager (AM) handles everything, from installing eye-catching marketing materials inside and outside your store to utilizing POP marketing to increase brand awareness and sell more products. Want to learn more about POP Marketing at your Pizza Shoppe? 

Check out Turn up the Heat! Boost Your Sales with POP Marketing 

Lunch: Hungry & In a Hurry

Lunchtime customers are usually in a time crunch. They want affordable and quick options. Draw them in by offering high-quality grab-and-go items catering to their tastes and preferences. Convenience is the key to standing out in this competitive market. Provide ready-to-eat products like Hunk A Pizza® and delicious Wings and WingBites® in your merchandiser to satisfy their cravings and save time. You can promote your items through various mediums, such as banners, gas pump signage, door clings, street signs, snap frames, and paper signs. Be sure to advertise any specials like the Hunk & Fountain Drink or Wings & 2L Drink combos to entice customers.  

Bonus tip: Offer discounts and special deals to attract school kids and their parents during the mid-afternoon rush. Social media is excellent for connecting with this demographic and driving foot traffic to your Pizza Shoppe during lunch and after school. 

Explore the free social media marketing materials available on the Pizza Portal. 

Dinner: Pizza, Always Tasty & Satisfying

Your customers want a quick and delicious dinner option after a long day. Promote Hunt Brothers Pizza’s fantastic selection of whole pizzas! Whether they are in the mood for a savory Lotsa Meat Pizza® or a loaded pizza, they can customize it with unlimited toppings at no extra charge. To make things easier, promote call-ahead ordering. It’s a convenient way to ensure little to no wait times for your busy customers. And don’t forget to include menu flyers with every order to showcase your delicious food items and encourage repeat business.

Are you looking to improve your phone orders? One great way to do this is by making sure your staff is fully trained in using the Phone Script and suggestive selling techniques. For example, why not suggest adding some delicious Wings or WingBites® to any pizza order? And if you want to boost your profits with repeat customers, consider offering special discounts or coupons to incentivize them to order additional pizzas. It’s also a good idea to regularly review these strategies with your AM to see if any adjustments need to be made. Remember, the key to success is to make the ordering experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for your customers by anticipating their needs to make their evenings more stress-free.

Late Night & Early Morning: Serving the Underserved

If you’re a convenience store owner, you know that speed and taste are key. But to stand out from your competitors, consider catering to the underserved – those night owls who crave delicious bites after hours. By offering a mouthwatering variety of food 24/7, you can become the top spot for folks who struggle to find quality meals during unconventional hours. Establish a reputation for excellence and convenience, and you’ll attract a loyal following that can help boost your success. Make your Pizza Shoppe stand out with the irresistible 1/2 Pizza, Hunk & Combo Signage and as a special thank you to your loyal patrons, offer them Bounce Back Coupons to encourage repeat business. It’s a win-win situation – watch as your late night and early morning numbers soar to new heights!

Serving up Hunks All Day!

Ensuring Hunks are available all day long is crucial for your Shoppe’s success. Keeping your ovens running and warmers stocked during peak hours is essential to avoid lost sales and dissatisfied customers.  

Are you concerned about waste? It’s worth noting that some leftover Hunks can have some advantages. By making a few additional Hunks, you can ensure that you always have enough stock. Moreover, leveraging the Build A Chart and Sales & Waste Tracking Sheet can provide valuable insights into your store’s sales patterns. Armed with this information, you can optimize your inventory management approach, ensuring you always have the right amount of stock to meet your customers’ needs. 

See the pizza recommendations listed below. Also, remember to contact your Account Manager for helpful tips on how to sell these delicious pies throughout the day. 

Recommended Pizza Types:

Although there are some minor fluctuations, these averages tend to fall in line across the country in terms of Hunk popularity. This is only a recommendation; please tailor your available Hunks to your average Hunk sales and the desires of your customers.

Morning Daypart Other Dayparts
Breakfast Hunks (with or without green peppers & white onions) Loaded, Lotsa Meat®
Pepperoni Pepperoni & Sausage
Pepperoni & Sausage (Yes, people buy these for Breakfast!) Cheese

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