Pizza Remains a Foodservice Favorite

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Foodservice Industry, Operations

Pizza is an iconic and cultural staple in America, dating back several decades. Although it originated in Italy, it has become one of the most beloved and sought-after dishes in the United States.

It’s no secret pizza is a favorite choice for many because its convenience and versatility make it an ideal option for those looking for a quick and satisfying meal. However, what sets pizza apart is the innovation in its flavors and toppings. 

With the ever-evolving landscape of pizza and the endless possibilities of exciting flavor combinations, it’s safe to say that this beloved dish is here to stay. Whether it’s a Hunt Brothers® Loaded Pizza, a mouth-watering Breakfast Pizza, or adding all the toppings at no extra charge, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Want to boost pizza’s popularity in your convenience store? Let’s explore some strategies to help you!

1.) Choose a foodservice program partner who can provide you with all the necessary resources to enhance your Pizza Shoppe’s profits.

As a TBHC Delivers® and Hunt Brothers Pizza foodservice partner, you can be confident that you will receive comprehensive support. That’s where our dedicated Account Managers come in. With their expertise, you can rest assured that the integrity of the Hunt Brothers Pizza brand is upheld, your Pizza Shoppe’s inventory is managed effectively, and marketing efforts are implemented to boost sales. They are also a valuable source of insider information on promotions and can provide training to your team to ensure they are up to date on the latest best practices. 

We take pride in delivering on our 15-Point Promise every time your Account Manager visits your store, ensuring you receive top-notch service and support. As a valued business partner, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and provided with the latest training and resources to help you achieve your sales goals.

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2.) Increase your pizza sales by covering all day parts

Catering to your customers’ varying tastes and preferences ensures maximum profitability throughout the day. Begin the day by offering a delectable Breakfast Pizza and during the busy lunch hour, customers can have the convenience of Grab and Go Hunk A Pizza® or Wings and WingBites®, allowing them to satisfy their cravings quickly and easily without sacrificing taste. 

The mid-afternoon rush is the perfect opportunity to entice hungry school kids with your mouth-watering menu. Make sure to spread the word and showcase your unique offerings to this age group. Why not use social media to connect with kids and parents and get the buzz going? And to really sweeten the deal, consider offering exclusive discounts or special deals that will have them flocking to your store.

At the end of the day, customers can enjoy delicious, whole pizza options like classic cheese and pepperoni, double cheese, or thin crust. By offering a diverse selection of high-quality items throughout the day, you can ensure that your customers remain satisfied and loyal while maximizing your profits.

As a convenience store, catering to those who crave quick and delicious bites during the late night or early morning hours is essential. Due to limited options, third-shift workers often struggle to find suitable places to eat. Your store can become the go-to destination for this demographic by providing delicious food options available 24/7. You can build a loyal customer base by offering tasty food choices for those working unconventional hours. This reputation can help your Pizza Shoppe stand out as a convenient option and enhance its market appeal.

When covering all day parts, remember to keep those ovens fired up! Providing your customers with hot and delicious pizza throughout the day is paramount to delivering a top-notch experience. By keeping your oven running during business hours, you’ll ensure speedy service and maintain the quality of your pies. Shoot for a wait time of 5 – 7 minutes for whole pizzas, and you’ll have your customers raving and returning for more!

3.) Provide your customers with grab-and-go options to make their lives easier and keep them satisfied.

Offering customers quick and easy food choices is essential for running a grab-and-go program.

Hunks A Pizza is the perfect product to offer your customers. These delicious, mouth-watering pizzas are ideal for those on the go who want a quick yet satisfying snack or meal. Each Hunk is equivalent to a quarter of a full pizza, making it an easy sale that will keep your customers coming back for more. Always keep Hunks in your warmers to maximize your sales potential.

But that’s not all – why not add some Wings and WingBites to the mix? These tasty treats are perfect for customers who want a quick lunch, snack, or dinner. And best of all, they pair perfectly with pizza, allowing customers to create personalized meals. With Hunks A Pizza, Wings, and WingBites in your warmer, you can be confident that you’ll always be ready to satisfy your customers with these convenient grab-and-go options.

Remember to promote your grab-and-go program! You can advertise this convenient option on social media, in-store, and online. To sweeten the deal, offer discounts or promotions like Breakfast Hunk & Coffee or Wings & 2 Liter drink combos to incentivize customers to give it a try it and make it a habit. To take it up a notch, participate in our Build Your Pizza promotion, like any 12-inch pizza, for just $11.99, and to make your Pizza Shoppe stand out, deck out your staff in Hunt Brothers Pizza aprons and decorate your space with brand balloons. 

You can also take advantage of our eye-catching POP marketing materials to target impulse shoppers and see an increase in traffic to your store and a boost in sales.

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To ensure that pizza remains popular in your convenience store, offering it throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the times in between, is key. For all the busy bees who need a hassle-free solution, a grab-and-go program is an absolute lifesaver. It’s quick, easy, and designed to make their day-to-day routine a breeze. Additionally, selecting a dependable foodservice partner that provides excellent service is crucial to your Pizza Shoppe’s success. By implementing these strategies, you can guarantee that pizza remains a top choice for customers and a profitable item for your store.

TBHC Delivers® 

TBHC Delivers is the largest distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza; we are our own business and brand. We own our trucks and follow, believe and deliver on all Hunt Brothers Pizza’s visions. TBHC Delivers builds upon the high-quality product of Hunt Brothers Pizza with value-add customer service like our 15-Point Promise.