Maximize Your Summer Potential: Essential Strategies for Success

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Marketing & Promotions, Sales

Get ready for a fantastic summer at your C-store! As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, it’s time to gear up for the summer rush and make the most of this exciting season. Ensure your store is fully prepared to meet your customers’ needs and capitalize on the summer surge; let’s explore three essential questions you should ask to guarantee a successful season. 

How can I attract customers on the go and ensure they notice my store? 

Don’t miss the opportunity to captivate potential customers with eye-catching displays featuring popular summer essentials. From refreshing beverages and ice cream to sunscreen and convenient grab-and-go food options, make your store a must-visit destination for summer needs. 

Hunt Brothers® Pizza offers impactful point-of-purchase (POP) signage designed to enhance visibility and boost your profitability. With the power to drive impulse purchases, reinforce brand recognition, and influence buying decisions, Hunt Brothers Pizza’s POP marketing materials are proven to achieve a high return on investment. 

Learn more about the four distinct POP marketing zones in our blog, “Turn up the Heat! Boost Your Sales with POP Marketing“. 

Did you know you pay no advertising or marketing fees as a Hunt Brothers Pizza program partner? We install and maintain all marketing materials outside your store. How great is that! 

How can I provide a positive shopping experience for customers? 

Enhance the shopping experience by transforming your retail space into a welcoming and organized environment. Consider your store layout. Does it ensure seamless traffic flow and convenient access to products? Strategically position shelves, aisles, and displays so customers can navigate your store effortlessly and find what they need without feeling cramped or confused. 

Let’s talk about your Pizza Shoppe! It’s crucial to address clutter around the area. Clutter can attract pests and insects. Chip racks, soda displays, and other obstructions are an open invitation to these unwelcome critters, especially around the prep table. Create a clean and organized space that ensures your customers have a great experience and can easily access your Pizza Shoppe. 

And one more thing about clutter – Pay attention to hold times! Your customers trust you to sell a quality product. Make sure you’re marking pizzas and discarding them as needed. 

How can I take advantage of the longer days and warmer evenings? 

1.) Ask your Account Manager (AM) about adding Hunt Brothers Pizza’s wings and WingBites®. These mouthwatering chicken products are a perfect grab-and-go option for customers on summer trips. With their versatility and popularity, adding chicken to your menu is a surefire way to elevate your offerings and satisfy customers. 

2.) Summer is the perfect time to implement exciting marketing strategies to engage and attract customers. Introduce call-ahead carry-out cards to encourage pre-orders, making it incredibly convenient for busy customers to get what they need quickly. These wallet-sized cards effectively promote your Made-to-Order pizza program and reduce wait times, ultimately enhancing the customer experience. 

3.) Don’t forget about repeat rewards programs! This is your way of saying thank you to your loyal customers. Make joining super simple so they can start reaping the benefits immediately. Check out our blog post, “Repeat Rewards Programs: A Win-Win for Businesses and Customers,” to see how Hunt Brothers Pizza has made it easy for program partners to implement their loyalty program! 

 4.) Lastly, It’s the perfect time of year to get involved in the community and elevate your store’s presence. You can collaborate with local organizations, organize events, and participate in community activities to create lasting connections and boost your store’s visibility. Imagine holding fun sample days for your Pizza Shoppe to generate buzz and drive sales. By actively engaging with your local community, you can enhance your store’s reputation and develop a positive brand association in the hearts and minds of your customers.  

If you need help organizing a sample day at your store for your Hunt Brothers Pizza products, contact your AM. They are happy to help you create a memorable event! 

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