5 Operational Tips to Maintain a Profitable Program

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Operations

To sustain a thriving pizza program and maximize revenue while minimizing expenses, overseeing all operational aspects of your Pizza Shoppe effectively is paramount. Prioritizing the top five areas outlined below will guarantee seamless operations and optimal success.

1.) Check-in with Your Account Manager (AM) 

Your Account Manager is an invaluable resource for your Pizza Shoppe and can assist you with developing effective strategies for brand awareness, inventory management, marketing and promotions, and customer retention. They are committed to providing the resources you need to achieve maximum success and gain a competitive advantage. 

Maintaining a solid relationship with your Account Manager and communicating regularly is key to boosting sales. AMs are experts in the products they deliver and can help you market and sell them. Your AM can provide valuable insight into what strategies work best and offer ideas for improving your approach. 

Our Account Managers are essential to our streamlined delivery system and excellent customer service, guaranteeing you, as a TBHC Delivers® partner, a dependable and consistent experience. You can trust our 15-Point Promise to be delivered with every visit to your store. 

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2.) Adhere to Food and Safety Standards  

Convenience stores are responsible for offering customers premium quality food products in a clean environment. It is imperative to implement safety measures to guarantee quality food. Your employees must adhere to the guidelines set by the health department regarding personal hygiene and food safety. Prioritizing regular food safety training for your staff is essential to ensure proper handling procedures. Your team must follow safety standards, including keeping boxes and other items at least six inches off the floor, storing toxic materials on bottom shelves away from food items, and emphasizing gloves and hair restraints. Follow all food and safety standards to avoid significant negative impacts on your business. 

Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation is crucial for your Pizza Shoppe’s productivity, efficiency, and sales. Follow all safety protocols, regularly sanitize equipment, and keep the work environment clean and organized. It is essential to sanitize the preparation areas, easy choppers, pizza cutters, spatulas, and crumb trays daily. Adopting a “clean-as-you-go” approach can help simplify the process and ensure these procedures are consistently upheld. 

Strong food safety standards and practices are critical to protect the Hunt Brothers ® Pizza brand. By doing so, customers will have a better experience, which will result in   sales. Your AM can assist you in implementing best practices for food and safety at your Pizza Shoppe. 

3.) Effective Inventory Management

Proper inventory tracking helps with resource allocation and maximizes return on investment. Ensuring your inventory is well-stocked and up to date will improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business. Avoid overstocking or understocking by ordering the appropriate mix of products and quantities. Monitor your sales trends to predict customer demand and stay competitive.  

Your Account Manager conducts weekly inventory checks of your Hunt Brothers Pizza stock and uses that count to generate your weekly order. Your order will be based on sales to ensure inventory is always well-stocked, and it will be carefully reviewed for accuracy before being rotated and stored. 

Prioritizing inventory management to avoid negatively impacting your cash flow. Neglecting your inventory can become a significant burden. Fortunately, our Account Managers are available to assist you. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your Hunt Brothers Pizza inventory – rely on the expertise of your AM.

4.) Maintain Equipment

As a Pizza Shoppe owner, maintaining your equipment is crucial to your business’s success. Your ovens, warmers, refrigerators, and smallwares are significant investments, and neglecting their upkeep can lead to costly repairs and dissatisfied customers. Regular maintenance and cleaning are imperative to keep equipment in top shape and extend its lifespan. 

Follow the cleaning maintenance guidelines for your pizza equipment. Establishing a regular cleaning routine is key to extending the lifespan of your equipment and ensuring your food items are cooked the same every time. Moreover, proper maintenance can also help you save money by avoiding costly repair and replacement expenses.  

See suggested cleaning instructions below for Lincoln Impinger and Turbo Chef ovens.

Lincoln Impinger 

  • Daily: Clean the conveyor belt and oven  
  • Weekly: Remove and clean components like the baffles, conveyor, end panels, and finger panels  

Turbo Chef oven 

  • Daily: Clean the conveyor, extensions, and crumb trays 
  • Weekly: Remove and clean the conveyor door and jetplates and the conveyor cavity 

When at your store, your Account Manager will check the oven and other equipment for cleanliness and alert you or your staff to potential operational issues.  

5.) Utilize Marketing and Promotion Strategies 

Account Managers are adept at utilizing various marketing strategies such as Local Store Marketing (LSM), Point-of-Purchase (POP), and social media marketing. These tactics can effectively make your business more relevant to your local customers and community, convey messages to potential customers inside and outside your store, and spread awareness about your program through social media platforms and websites. 

Your AM is here to assist you in keeping your store’s marketing materials current and effective. Don’t hesitate to seek their support. They’re equipped to help you create a marketing plan to reach and attract more customers. 

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TBHC Delivers® 

TBHC Delivers is the largest distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza; we are our own business and brand. We own our trucks and follow, believe and deliver on all Hunt Brothers Pizza’s visions. TBHC Delivers builds upon the high-quality product of Hunt Brothers Pizza with value-add customer service like our 15-Point Promise.